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The forms and all documents must be sent to: NZIAHS Secretariat P.O. Box 121-063 Henderson Waitakere City

Jubilee Medal (by nomination)

The Jubilee Medal is the premier award of NZIAHS, was created to celebrate 50 years of leadership in and service to the primary resource sciences. It is awarded to a member to recognise an outstanding contribution to primary resource science. This contribution can be made through various ways - research, education, technology transfer, communication. The recipient will be known as a leader in their area of research, education, technology transfer, and promotion of agriculture and horticulture.

Value: Jubilee medal

Eligibility: NZIAHS full members.

Procedure: All nominations must be made on the NZIAHS nomination form. Nominations must be accompanied by supporting material which provides evidence of the service provided by the member to both Institute and agricultural science.

Selection: Nominations are first reviewed by the Awards Committee and then further reviewed by Council.

2015 Lester Fletcher
2012 Dr John Palmer
2011 Dr Michael Dunbier
2010 Dr Ross Ferguson
2007 Dr Stephen Goldson
2006 Dr Ian Warrington
2003 Prof Tom Walker