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The forms and all documents must be sent to: NZIAHS Secretariat P.O. Box 121-063 Henderson Waitakere City

Fellow (by nomination)

Purpose: To recognise NZIAHS members who have given outstanding service to agricultural science.

Value: The award has no monetary value.

Eligibility: NZIAHS full members.

Procedure: All nominations must be made on the NZIAHS nomination form. Nominations must be accompanied by supporting material which provides evidence of the service provided by the member to both Institute and agricultural science.

Selection: Nominations are first reviewed by the Awards Committee and then further reviewed by Council.

Prof Jon Hickford
Prof Keith Cameron
Dr Bruce Campbell
Prof Tony Conner
Prof Hong Di
Dr Michael Dunbier
Prof Richard Falloon
Dr Ian Ferguson
Dr Ross Ferguson
Prof Stephen Goldson
Prof John Hampton
Prof Julian Heyes
Prof Paula Jamieson
Dr Jeffrey Reid
Dr Surinder Saggar
Prof Alison Stewart
Dr Stuart Tustin
Mr David Wallace
Dr Morgan Williams
Mr John Wilton
Prof Tony Conner;
Dr Jeanne Jacobs,
Prof Derrick Moot
Prof Robert Anderson
Mr Vincent Ashworth
Prof Paul Atkinson
Mr Hugh Clifford
Prof Ian Cornforth
Mr Nelson Cullen
Mr Garth Cumberland
Mr Jim Douglas
Dr Murray Dye
Mr Trevor Ellett
Sir Alan Frampton
Dr Chris Hale
Dr John Keoghan
Dr Bruce Miller
Emeritus Prof Ken Milne
Dr John Palmer
Mr Pat Palmer
Dr P. Shannon
Dr David Steven
Prof Russell Tillman
Dr Marc Ulyatt
Mr Tony Warrington