CPAg is a public demonstration by professionals in agri-industry that they are expanding their knowledge across industry networks throughout their professional career. Engaging a CPAg employee, contractor or consultant will give employers a professional who has achieved the rigorous Professional Standards established by the AIAST and The New Zealand Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science Inc (NZIAHS) and has made a positive commitment to keeping up-to-date with new technology and industry developments.

Eligible Activities

Activities eligible for Continuing Professional Development are those which contribute to the extension of professional agriculturists’ skills and knowledge. Activities which are part of normal work and constitute the output of the applicant are ineligible as are ‘in-house’ conferences (unless an external deliverer of information is involved). Activities where participation is because of the perceived expert knowledge of the participant are also ineligible (see below).

Examples of eligible activities:-

  • Short courses
  • Doctorates
  • Field/Study Tours
  • Workshops
  • Field Days
  • Leadership programs
  • Postgraduate Diplomas
  • Conferences
  • Masters
  • Seminars
  • Self Study when it is given formal recognition
  • Reading (maximum of 5 hours)

Examples of ineligible activities are:-

  • Lecturing
  • Organising activities (e.g. conferences, workshops)
  • Committee Work
  • Lecture Tours
  • Policy Reviews
  • Media Work
  • Work Experience
  • Job Rotations within an Organisation
  • Assessment Panels
  • Editing and Refereeing
  • Supervision of Students
  • Report Writing
  • Time allocated for each activity


The time claimed for each activity should reflect the time spent actively involved in acquiring skills or knowledge. Unless programmes are presented showing long days, or the conference organisers have already negotiated eligible time in advance, conferences will be given 6 hours a day. Examples are:-
Conferences: 6 hours per day
Field Tour: 6 hours per day
Job exchange: 8 hours per day

Justification and verification of applicants

Please add as much detail as possible to enable verification of the validity of the activity claimed for. The Assessment Panel will request verification of activities when there is uncertainty as to the eligibility of the activity.

Annual and biannual applications

Applicants will be permitted to average activities undertaken over a period of two consecutive years by carrying a maximum 50 excess hours forward to the second year.

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