Bob Edlin is an absolute asset to the Institute, serving as the Editor of our AgScience magazine (since June 2005) and writing and maintaining the AgScience blog.

Bob remains one of New Zealand’s most insightful journalists with a passion for finding the truth in any argument.

His long and distinguished career started as a cadet on the now defunct Southland News; he became a sub-editor at The Hawke’s Bay Herald-Tribune and Southland Times, then editor of New Zealand Truth and the National Business Review.

Through his career Bob has remained loyal to the cause of ‘balanced journalism’ while others have abandoned it for the so-called ‘dark-side’ of public relations and spin. He has a sharp mind for substance and detail, from dealing with complex science to understanding the business of agriculture and horticulture in New Zealand and economics, all with a necessary and suitably cynical nod to the world of politics and popularism.

A founding journalist at The Independent Business Weekly, Bob strives for independence from political bias in commentary and analysis, something which appears to be lost on some of the new wave of news presenters and columnists.