Purpose: To recognise NZIAHS members who have provided eminent service to the Institute at a national level.

Value: Honorary Life Members are not required to pay annual membership fees. Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to use the letters LNZIAHS to signify that they are Honorary Life Members of The New Zealand Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science.

Eligibility: NZIAHS financial member at the time of nomination and for at least five years previously.

Procedure: All nominations must be made on the NZIAHS nomination form. Nominations must be accompanied by supporting material which provides evidence of the service provided by the member.

Selection: Nominations are first reviewed by the NZIAHS Awards Committee and then further reviewed by NZIAHS Council.

Dr David Lewis
Mr Leslie Bennetts
Mr Peter Blomfield
Mr Robert Davidson
Mr Alan Harre
Mr Clive Palmer
Mr Fredrick Phillips
Dr Craig Ross
Mr Graham Thiele
Mr Euan Wallace
Mr Graham Weston