Simple guidance for submitting pre-recorded talks:

  1. Check the prescribed duration of your talk: for most of us, this is 12 min for the talk allowing a couple of minutes for questions.
  2. Simplest method is to record yourself talking to your Powerpoint using Zoom:
    1. Open your Powerpoint on your computer.
    2. Open Zoom and set to ‘record to the web’.
    3. Choose ‘share screen’ and select your Powerpoint.
    4. Begin to talk as you work your way through the Powerpoint; stop sharing and close Zoom at end.
    5. Go to your recording (Zoom will send you a link when it is complete; sometimes takes a few hours). You can easily trim off the beginning or the end with the ‘scissors’ icon, e.g. if you had some false starts.
    6. Share the link to the recording with the conference organisers.
  1. A higher image quality can be achieved if you record yourself presenting within Powerpoint itself. This will save itself as a huge file which you will need to submit to the conference organisers; we will have a Drop Box or equivalent available for transferring these large files.
    1. Be aware that the picture of yourself talking is always shown in bottom right of the screen in Powerpoint so ensure your slides don’t have important facts or images there.
  1. Basics instructions for Zendto:

To drop off your file go to

Click “drop-off”

Fill in section for Request Code

You will be emailed a link, which you can then drop off the file.

In the to box

Select your file and click drop off.

If you have any queries please contact the Conference Secretary,
Jenny Taylor