Animal welfare system is strengthened from today

Regulations to strengthen the country’s animal welfare system come into effect from today, Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor said.

The regulations have been developed over the past three years in consultation with industry and advocacy groups, and target lower-end offending.

They make it easier for officials to take action against animal mistreatment and target specific behaviours that need to change.

From today, Animal Welfare inspectors from the ministry and SPCA can issue fines for certain actions, such as allowing dogs in cars to get heat-stressed or failing to provide tethered goats with access to water and shelter.

Some of the regulations are infringement offences, with set fines, while others are prosecutable offences, which could result in a larger fine and criminal conviction.

They cover on-farm practices and transporting livestock, largely reflecting existing farm practices but some set new requirements.

Many of the transport-related regulations apply to farmers selecting lame, sick or injured stock, so farmers should check they are doing it right or face a $500 fine, O’Connor advised.

Farmers and transporters can download the Fit for Transport app or go to the MPI website where an interactive tool brings together all regulations, guidance and minimum standards in the codes of welfare.

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Source: Minister for Primary Industries



Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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