ClearTech wins Fieldays Innovation Award

The ClearTech dairy effluent treatment system developed by Lincoln University Professors Keith Cameron and Hong Di in conjunction with Ravensdown won a Highly Commended Award at last week’s Fieldays Innovation Awards.

The system uses a coagulant to bind effluent colloidal particles together to settle them out from the water. This clarifying process reduces freshwater use, helps existing effluent storage go further and reduces the environmental and safety risk linked with farm dairy effluent (FDE).

“This is a great example of how researchers and industry can work together to deliver new innovative technologies for the benefit of New Zealand,” Professor Cameron said.

“Our field lysimeter studies have shown significant reductions in leaching losses of E coli. and phosphate from ClearTech treated effluent applied to land. Application of ClearTech treated effluent is therefore less likely to harm water quality than untreated effluent.”

Ravensdown Product Manager Carl Ahlfeld said ClearTech is ideal for dairy farmers who want to save on effluent pond storage and take back control of their capacity and compliance.

Stripping out the E. coli and other bacteria in farm dairy effluent means cleaner water to wash down the dairy yard or irrigate on to paddocks and less volume of effluent that has to be stored and used safely

The nutrients in the effluent can be re-used back on to paddocks with minimal odour.

The judges were impressed with the technology and its potential benefits.

Source: Lincoln University

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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