EPA sets dates for bans on a trio of pesticides

A decision-making committee of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has revised the dates for phasing out three pesticides, rejecting a proposed 10-year extension.

Diazinon, fenamiphos, and methamidophos are organophosphate pesticides used on food crops, including carrots, potatoes, citrus and avocados. They are also used for biosecurity purposes.

Following a modified reassessment of the chemicals, the decision-making committee declined the Vegetable Research and Innovation Board’s proposal to extend the phase-out timeframes by a decade.

The decision-making committee has extended the phase-out date for fenamiphos and methamidophos by a year to 1 July 2024.

The date for phasing out substances containing diazinon has not changed, and they must be phased out by 1 July 2028.

A ban on importing and manufacturing these pesticides in Aotearoa New Zealand will come into force from these dates.

“The rules around using the substances, which are designed to protect people and the environment, remain the same.” says Dr Shaun Presow, Hazardous Substances Reassessments Manager.

“There will be more restrictions on substances that contain fenamiphos, which from 1 July 2023 can only be used for biosecurity purposes.”

The EPA carried out an initial reassessment of the chemicals in 2013, setting the original dates for phasing out the chemicals.

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Source:  Environmental Protection Authority

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog