Grounds are established for reassessment of three organophosphate insecticides

A Decision-making Committee appointed by the Environmental Protection Authority has found grounds for the reassessment of substances containing diazinon, fenamiphos or methamidophos.

These substances are all organophosphates, active ingredients in insecticides that kill bugs and insects in orchards, vineyards, vegetable and cereal crops.

The application for grounds was made by Vegetable Research and Innovation (VR & I) Board, which is seeking a reassessment to extend the deadlines for phasing out the use of these substances in New Zealand.

Establishing grounds is an administrative first step and does not involve detailed analysis of the information. A reassessment would provide the opportunity for greater scrutiny, along with public submissions and engaging with interested parties.

A reassessment is a formal review of the rules controlling a substance that is already in use in New Zealand. These rules can include the wearing of personal protective equipment (eg mask and gloves), and limits on how often a substance can be used and in what quantities.

Source:  Environmental Protection Authority 

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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