How the EPA aims to protect people and the environment in 2018/19

Creating a world-class chemical management system is one of the main programmes of work on the Environmental Protection Authority’s agenda for 2018/19.

The authority’s Statement of Performance Expectations 2018/19 sets out commitments for delivering in the coming financial year, the resources to be used to do it and how the EPA will measure its performance.

Among  the main programmes is the hazardous substances modernisation programme, which aims to revolutionise the way chemicals are managed and regulated in New Zealand.

This, and other major areas of focus for the year, are detailed in the Statement of Performance Expectations 2018/19 HERE. 

In a statement published yesterday, the authority said it has new guidance to highlight the dangers around mixing products containing hazardous substances.

“It’s important to understand the implications of mixing chemicals,” Dr Thomson-Carter advises in this statement.

“Mixing the wrong things together can pose a risk to people and the environment.”

Commercial manufacturers had experienced and competent staff but the EPA believes the practice of creating “tank mixes” is commonplace on farms, lifestyle blocks or in urban gardens.

“We know that most people create them according to the instructions, but we are equally aware of others who create their own,” Dr Thomson-Carter said.

Some products are designed to be mixed. Others may need to be combined in a particular way, and there can be unexpected consequences: substances may become unstable, toxic to people and the environment, and sometimes not as effective.

“We encourage everyone to read our new web guidance to better understand the risks and ensure they stay safe,” says Dr Thomson-Carter.

Guidance can be found  HERE on the EPA’s website.

Source: Environmental Protection Authority

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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