Lincoln gene laboratory trio win Primary Industries science award

The work of three members of Lincoln University’s Gene-Marker Laboratory to help breed healthier, more resilient, and superior livestock, has been recognised in the Primary Industries Awards.

The lab’s director, Professor Jon Hickford, principal researcher, Dr Huitong Zhou, and lab manager, Freeman Fang, were given the Science and Research Award.

Professor Hickford is the Immediate Past President of the NZIAHS.

The judges said they were impressed with the holistic approach of the Lincoln University team, who brought a highly professional genetic approach to the business of farming.

“Their genetic program was impressive as was their relationship with farmers. This guaranteed a practical result from a highly specialised scientific process.”

The lab’s main research focus is genetic variation in ruminants, particularly in sheep but also cows, and its association with economically important traits.

It has developed test for genes which underpin milk, meat and wool production, and make livestock resilient to disease and environmental challenges, identifying superior animals.

It tests for diseases such as foot rot, environmental resilience traits such as cold tolerance as well as improved intra-muscular fat content in meat, and for A1 and A2 milk in dairy cattle.

Professor Hickford has worked at Lincoln University since 1989, teaching science and agriculture degree programmes, and has delivered 11 commercial gene-marker tests to market.

“With these technologies, we have instituted programmes for the eradication of dermatosparaxis in white Dorper sheep in Australia and NZ, for the eradication of Microphthalmia in Texel sheep in Australia and NZ, and for the eradication of Gaucher disease in Australian Southdown sheep,” he said.

 “I share my research findings about wool, genetics, and breeding with farming groups and sheep and cattle breeders in NZ and Australia and am committed to making my research accessible to the younger generation.”

 Lincoln University alumna Emma Boase, who holds a Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing and is now People Capability Manager at Horticulture New Zealand, was presented with the Lincoln-sponsored Emerging Leader Award.

Source:  Lincoln University




Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog