Building of Lincoln’s Science South facility gets under way after sod-turning ceremony

Construction of Lincoln University’s new science facility, known as Science South, started immediately after a sod-turning ceremony and site blessing yesterday.

Lincoln’s Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bruce McKenzie, welcomed audience to the event and noted that the start of construction is an important milestone for the university.

“Our journey towards our new science facilities started in September 2010, when a large earthquake hit early on a Saturday morning, beginning a very difficult and disruptive time for our people,” he said.

“Now we can look forward to a new chapter for science at Lincoln that will strike another important milestone when our teams start moving into their new premises mid next year.

“When our science facilities are fully completed, in late 2022, Lincoln University will be a modern, up to date centre for science where more students will come from all over the world to study, especially in the fields of food and fibre.”

Located at the southern end of the campus, Science South is the first of the university’s two new science facilities that when completed will deliver modern, state-of-the-art teaching, research and collaboration spaces where new generations of students will learn the skills necessary to support New Zealand’s transition to a more productive, low-emissions economy.

Due for completion in May next year, Science South will be home to more than 50 staff and students from the Department of Agriculture Sciences, which is responsible for teaching and research in the animal sciences.

The university’s construction partner for Science South is Leighs Construction.

Lincoln recently received Ministerial endorsement of its business case for the construction of its other new science facility, known as Science North. The endorsement effectively releases $5 million in Crown funding to progress that project to the next stage, allowing the University to go to market for a construction contractor.

Science North is the flagship project of a wider campus development programme for Lincoln University that has already seen the launch of new student social spaces, landscaping projects and a series of smaller general projects across campus that are designed to enhance the vibrancy of the campus and promote a positive learning, teaching and research community.

Source: Lincoln University

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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