Methyl bromide recapture hearing formally closed

An Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) decision-making committee has formally closed its hearing on the recapture rules for the fumigant methyl bromide.

The gas is mainly used to fumigate logs and timber products before they are exported. It is a toxic and ozone-depleting substance.

Recapture was required by October 2020, but this was pre-empted by the industry group Stakeholders In Methyl Bromide Reduction (STIMBR) applying for reconsideration of the definition and timing of recapture. The approval to import or manufacture the gas cannot be revoked as part of this process.

A public hearing was held in August last year and remained open while the Decision-making Committee continued to receive information.

The committee has now officially closed the hearing, paving the way for a decision by September. This means no further information can be submitted to or be considered by the committee.

The decision, and any future requirements, will take priority over the recapture extensions previously granted to the applicant.

All of the material before the Decision-making Committee is available on the EPA website.

Read the official record of the hearing closure (PDF, 141KB)

Read about the modified reassessment of methyl bromide

Source:  Environmental Protection Authority

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog