New database of 24,000 pests to protect New Zealand

A new online tool, the Official New Zealand Pest Register (ONZPR), launched today, will help protect New Zealand from more than 24,000 biosecurity threats and support exporters selling Kiwi produce to the world.

The register is a one-stop-shop for all pests and diseases regulated in the biosecurity system, particularly those not wanted in New Zealand.

New Zealand is in an enviable position being free from many of the most significant plant pests that could impact on our way of life including New Zealand’s primary sector exports, says MPI’s director of animal and plant health, Peter Thomson.

“Having accurate, up-to-date and accessible information on pest status is critical to rapidly identify and managing pests on imported and exported products.

“The database informs importers, exporters, trading partners, science partners and others across the biosecurity system about what pests are of concern to New Zealand,” Mr Thomson says.

“It also identifies pests present in New Zealand that are of concern to our trading partners. Our export trade could be severely disrupted if these pests are not managed on our exports before they leave our shores.”

The Official New Zealand Pest Register combines all MPI’s online lists and registers into one, creating a concise and clear resource for use by importers, exporters, researchers, councils and educational institutions.

“It has been a huge undertaking, given that information on pests was previously listed on multiple databases that were not readily accessible, were not able to share data and were difficult to keep up to date,” Mr Thomson says.

Biosecurity system participants will be able to use the ONZPR to find out about the pests that are regulated on imports or identified as unwanted or notifiable, and biosecurity threats which are of concern to trading partners receiving our horticulture produce.

“We want to ensure everyone is well equipped to play their part in our biosecurity system and New Zealand’s export growth.”

The Official New Zealand Pest Register is HERE.

The register:

  • provides a single accessible source of information on pests to support the biosecurity and exports sectors in New Zealand
  • supports horticulture exporters to ensure that goods exported from New Zealand are free from pests of concern for the importing country
  • provides stakeholders greatly improved access to accurate and up to date information on the regulatory status of pests in New Zealand
  • supports greater data connectivity within Biosecurity New Zealand
  • provides accurate and timely information to importers and overseas competent authorities considering exporting plant products to New Zealand
  • will link pest information to remedial actions that can be taken to manage pests found at our border.

Source:  Ministry for Primary Industries

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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