Research finds positive link between blackcurrants and exercise

Scientists at Plant & Food Research have found that juice from New Zealand blackcurrants consumed before exercising could increase motivation to adhere to exercise.

An individual’s ‘effective response’ to exercise – which includes emotions and mood – largely influences their motivation to continue exercising and to adhere to an exercise regime.

The study looked at the effects of consuming polyphenolic-rich New Zealand blackcurrant juice one hour before exercising and found that participants who consumed the New Zealand blackcurrant juice had a significantly lower perception of exercise exertion at time-points over the first 60 minutes than the control group.

The study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, tested 40 sedentary adults, who walked for up to two hours at a moderate pace designed not to induce physical fatigue.

Given the association between exercise and the prevention of chronic health issues and maintenance of cognitive function, these findings are significant.

The current recommendation for adults is for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per day, but 50% of adults fail to achieve these guidelines.  Foods or dietary supplements that specifically support the desire to exercise could benefit people wanting to adhere to an exercise program and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Journal Reference
Lomiwes, D, Ha, B, Ngametua, N, Burr, N, Cooney, J, Trower, T, Sawyer, G, Hedderley, D, Hurst, R, Hurst, S 2019. Timed consumption of a New Zealand blackcurrant juice support positive affective responses during a self-motivated moderate walking exercise in healthy sedentary adults. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 16:33 (

Source: Plant and Food Research 

Author: Bob Edlin

Editor of AgScience Magazine and Editor of the AgScience Blog

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